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Medical Identity Theft
Jun 20, 2011 . Medical identity theft may change your medical and health insurance records: Every time a thief uses your identity to get care, a record is .

Medical Identity Theft: FAQs for Health Care Providers and Health ...
According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), medical identity theft occurs when someone uses another person's name or insurance information to get .

Why Pay For Health Insurance When You Can Steal It? : NPR
Mar 3, 2010 . St. John's Health System, the other main health care provider in Springfield, has also seen an increase in identity theft over the past year.

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Medical identity theft can kill you (Page 1 of 3)
Jan 5, 2007 . Medical identity theft occurs when criminals obtain information such as a health insurance identification or Social Security number and use it to .

Medical identity theft - Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Identity theft, has spawned a vicious new kind of crime: medical identity theft. Thieves steal your personal information to line their own pockets with fraudulent .

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World Privacy Forum: Medical Identity Theft Consumer Tips
In some cases of medical identity theft, some health care providers have .


Liz Pulliam Weston: Medical identity theft and health care - MSN ...
Thieves are stealing health care. Medical identity theft is a growing problem, and recovering from the theft can be difficult. Here's what to watch for and how to .