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Civil Union Basics It's Personal - Civil Unions in Illinois - ACLU of ...
In Illinois, a civil union is a legal relationship between two people either of the . rules, policies, court decisions (common law), or any other source of state law. . by Illinois insurance law must provide the same health insurance benefits to .

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. in litigating insurance claims: contract common law and the Illinois Insurance . In health insurance cases the company may assert that coverage was not in .

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Illinois' Civil Union Law Has Broad Implications for Employers
Feb 11, 2011 . However, like in other states, the Illinois law does not label these . Act will be recognized in Illinois as a civil union (excluding common-law marriages). . extend Illinois' Health Insurance Continuation Rights (mini-COBRA) to .

FindLaw's Common Law: Healthcare Reform Fall-Out: Insurers to ...
Sep 23, 2010 . If you're looking for information on common law marriage, please visit the . they will stop selling individual child only health insurance policies, . stop selling the individual policies in states such as California, Illinois, Florida, .

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Illinois Individual Health Plans
Illinois Health Insurance Laws. Illinois law allows insurance companies to deny you coverage. Pre-existing conditions can be excluded for a maximum period of .


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An Overview of the Common Law and . health and disability insurance.

Common Law Marriage? (health insurance, attorney, income) - City ...
Oct 24, 2006 . Does SC accept common law marriage? What are the rules or guidelines? I'm asking because I'm moving there with my boyfriend and the .